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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the installation team experienced?

You can put your confidence in the over 30 years of experience behind our team. These decades of experience have given us extensive knowledge, in-depth understanding, and expertise to create custom security approaches for a wide range of businesses.


Why should you trust us?

When it comes to getting your business protected, you want to feel confident you have chosen a reliable team. We are known for our knowledgeable, fast, and dependable team that arrives promptly and performs services that exceed your expectations.


How much will the system cost?

Your small business or corporate security solution is designed with your specific business, space, and needs in mind. Pricing is done according to the individual features of your system. Get in touch with us to discuss your system and get a FREE estimate.


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Protect your business with high quality security.

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Your business represents not just the place where you work each day, but also the effort, energy, dreams, and aspirations you have put into it. Protect your business and your future from devastating losses with a customized small business or corporate security solution.


  • UL Security Alarms   with Remote Arming Capabilities

  • UL Fire Alarms

  • IP Mega Pixel Security Cameras with Remote Viewing

  • Door Entry Systems

  • Access Control

  • Phone & Cable Wiring

  • Monitoring Through Landline and/or Cellular Service

  • Hardwire or Wireless Security Devices Available